Anonymous asked:
I have every single episode of Lizzie McGuire on tape. I had to record them back in the day. On a VCR. I win.

Oh my goodness that’s amazing. That you still have them all. GOLD. 

temporarymeasuresofgrace asked:
how do you go to the next page on your tumblr? I can't figure it out!

Hey! Sorry if it’s been forever since you sent this! :( Yeah my theme was supposed to be endless scrolling….:\ But you can see old pages by, at the end of my url, typing ‘page/number’. So it would be “” :) 

Ugh why is my gif not uploading????

It’s under 500 kb, so….. 

brb changing/testing mah settings :) 

Anonymous asked:
Not only do I like your blog (haha I found it) but I also am OBSESSED with you secretly. Ok here we go.. I got this idea from a Tumblr spam I got once lol.. I think you like me too and you were always too shy to admit it :3 go to crushmatches(dòt)com (wtf it wont let me link regular) and make an account there. Then look up the profile 'gottagetme19' (me obviously) I left body pictures.. if you can guess who I am hit me up and we'll hang soon. You need a C C but its free

Okay, putting the word ‘spam’ into a spam message doesn’t disguise the fact that it’s a spam message.

Anonymous asked:
Where can I buy a full season of Lizzie McGuire?! Serioulsly, I can NOT find it anywhere!

I don’t think there’s any more stores that carry it, unfortunately :( But amazon has a ton! You can also try eBay :)

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